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February 2022 Release Notes
February 2022 Release Notes
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You can now add custom fields that allow a date as a response. Custom fields can be added to several areas in the system, including all units, as well as some operations module pages.

On Assessments, you can now add questions that require a date response. With so many different response types to choose from, Synuma makes it easy to collect the exact information you need.

When emailing leads, you can now quickly add the leads phone number to the email content with our new phone number token. Work smarter, not harder by utilizing our personalization tokens to add that customized touch to your campaign templates without having to write hundreds of emails yourself.

We've created a more user friendly way of creating and answering assessment questions with dozens of possible responses. Creating and completing assessments just got easier with both single answer, multiple answer, dropdown and radio button options to customize your user experience.

You can now provide Synuma with your custom Development Periods, which can then be reported on using our brand new Period Number and Period Quarter column options in the development report. Reach out to Synuma support through the in-app chat or at for further instruction on importing your custom period dates.

You can now attach files, including documents and/or photos, to an email directly from the Lead Card, as well as from Batch Email. We're dedicated to continuing to upgrade communications within Synuma to create a one-stop user experience.

Tag Name is no longer required to add a User. Removal of this previously required field makes adding new Users easier than ever.

Easier viewing and editing of custom fields with Sections and Groups. Begin by titling your Sections and Groups under Administration>Select Lists.

These Sections and Groups you've created will now be available for selection when creating a new Custom Field.

Sections and Groups will show under the Custom Data tab of wherever you have populated your newly created Custom Field. It is important to note that you can have fields in Sections without Groups, and vice versa.

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